You will receive customised instructions on the day of your procedure along with important tips. You MUST read and follow the instructions to get the best possible retention.

Right after the procedure:

• Using a clean tissue, gently blot your brows every 10 minutes to remove any excess lymph fluid.
• Ensuring you have clean hands, rinse your brows with water every hour in a gentle, circular motion. Alternatively, wet a cotton pad and gently wipe over your brows. Pat dry with a clean tissue. Repeat this step until you go to sleep.

Day 2 until flaking stage has finished – 2x a day morning and night:

• Blot off any aftercare cream residue using a clean tissue.
• Using a clean cotton tip, gently dab on a small amount (half a rice grain per brow) of the aftercream cream. Note: Using too much cream will over moisturise your brows, which will result in flakes coming off prematurely = poor retention. For clients with oily skin, you may skip applying the aftercare cream as your natural oils will keep the area moisturised.
• Repeat the process above morning and night until the flaking of your eyebrows have naturally finished (usually 1-2 weeks).